About Us

About Us

Silverburn Finance is one of the UK's most trusted independent UK invoice factoring companies.

Established in 1962, it prides itself on its no nonsense approach to invoice factoring. Our service enables the customer to free up cashflow tied up in unpaid invoices. It also allows the customer to concentrate on their core business activities instead of having to spend valuable time and resources chasing money, due to them.

We can offer invoice finance to any business supplying goods or services to other reputable businesses, government agencies or local authorities. We have a proven track record for invoice factoring in many different areas of business:

Labour should normally be paid on 14 day terms, but its increasingly common for it to reach 30, 60 or even 90 days. We have a proven track record with factoring invoices for recruitment companies. Freeing up much needed cashflow.

Plant hire companies who provide other companies with hired plant machinery can factor their invoices with us.  You would provide the plant for the desired duration. Then submit your invoices to us and get paid on average 96% of the invoice value.  This gives you 60 days credit which seems to be the norm when hiring out plant.

Skip hire and recycling has become very popular in recent years. And we have been able to help skip hire and recycling businesses to release cash flow from their invoices to expand their businesses.

Your customer orders a skip/skips , you deliver / collect.  Instead of waiting to be paid by your customer simply send in your invoices along with signed tickets and you can receive payment normally within 3 working days direct into your bank account.

This takes the hassle out of waiting for funds and chasing your customers for payment. 

For anybody in manufacturing who wants to release cashflow from their invoices, they can submit their invoices to us and get paid up to 96% of the invoice value.  This would give the customer 60 days of credit.

We at Silverburn know how hard it is in the haulage business with:


So we at Silverburn Finance would like to make it just a little bit EASY on your cash flow by factoring, leaving you to do your job, and not worrying about getting paid.

Most of the big companies understand that some hauliers need to factor, understand the concept of factoring and have no qualms about it.


  • As a small company, we rely on a regular income without having to borrow from the banks to keep our cash flow running day after day. Over the last 20 years or so, we have relied upon the competence of Silverburn Finance, as a factoring company to provide us with the necessary financial stability and immediate access to funds that otherwise would not have been available until payments came through from our customers. Over the years, we had many factoring companies who tried to shift our business away from Silverburn Finance, but after thorough consideration, we felt that any other company could not replace the expertise and reliability emanated from Silverburn Finance.

  • Over the many years the service you have provided has been most beneficial to a small company such as Central Garages. Factoring on a weekly basis has proved to be an essential service and we have always found transactions prompt and with an excellent customer service at hand from all members of staff. We hope to continue our working relationship for many years to come.

  • I have been using Silverburn Finances services since the late seventies, and have found them to be very efficient at credit control, courteous with my customers, and very easy to get along with. Their credit checks are excellent, and accurate. The payment percentage excellent, and the discount refund quite exceptional. Silverburn Finance has seen me through the good and the bad times, and although I have spoken to other factoring companies over the years, no one compares to their terms. Without Silverburn Finance, I would not have been able to continue in the business I do. I operate ten articulated vehicles and ten trailers delivering all over the country to 25-30 different customers, some of which I do not factor, and have a yearly turnover of £850000 to £900000. If, and when problems arise, the fact that I deal with one person who deals with my account all of the time, makes life a lot easier. On a personal level it is a pleasure to deal with Silverburn Finance, as they are a very approachable company.

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